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Sun 04. Sep 2016 20:57:09
Forum: Requests for admin rank
Topic: Admin Application
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Admin Application

Age: 18years old (today) Steam name: Sejjer/. ./I'm dead inside (most likely these) Link to my profile: Played hours: 1425hrs 69hrs ins last 2 week About me: I love TF2, this is my favourite game, I'm playing it for almost 2 years now, almost eve...
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Sun 04. Sep 2016 20:28:54
Forum: Server problems
Topic: RTD
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I heard a lot of players on the server, complaining about the RTD system, (including myself sometimes) and i thought, there should be some kind of vote for the RTD , so the current players could vote for turn it on, or turn it off, (if this is possible) because for me sometimes, it could be really f...